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Redbot Security Provides Manual Penetration Testing Services with Proof of Concept Reporting - Providing Expert Remediation Guidance


World Class Cybersecurity Team

In-house Engineering

Redbot Security is a boutique penetration testing house located in Downtown Denver, Colorado with an elite team of highly skilled U.S. Based Senior Level Engineers that specialize in providing ‘Penetration Testing Services’ or ‘ Ethical Hacking’ for a wide range of industries.  Our company delivers True Manual Penetration Testing utilizing multiple frameworks and is trusted by our Nation’s leading companies.

Every Redbot Security is Full-Time Employee, U.S citizen and fully background checked.  We do not use freelancers or subcontract work to other companies.

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Penetration Testing Services

IT Network Penetration Testing

Redbot Security provides true manual penetration testing services that will simulate real-world attacks against your networks. Both External and Internal Network Testing can be performed from a remote perspective.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless Network Penetration Testing is a proactive step your company can take to ensure the security of your wireless networks. Redbot Security provides the industry’s most comprehensive onsite wireless security testing.

Application Penetration Testing

Redbot Security’s hybrid approach to web application penetration testing and mobile application penetration testing sources industry-leading frameworks and combines senior-level talent with over 20 years of experience.

Red Team

Our Red Team Security Exercise is designed as real-world simulated attacks focusing on your Company’s ability to identify, track, disconnect, and clean up a potential or actualized breach by a malicious actor.

OT Network (ICS/SCADA) Testing

Redbot Security provides an outside-in approach to offer a holistic testing for ICS/SCADA and recommendation methodology that aligns to the defined scope and expectational needs of the Company.

Social Engineering

Redbot Security mimics a malicious entity with the intent on gaining access to internal networks, system, documents, and proprietary information through Physical and Electronic Tactics

Cloud Security

Redbot Security’s Cloud Security Review focuses on private and public architecture, policies, and permissions in production and development cloud environments for: •Amazon Web Services (AWS) •Google Cloud Platform (GCP) •Microsoft Azure (Azure)

Expert Remediation Guidance

Our Team is Engaged.  Our main goal is to secure your networks and applications.  

Our main priority is to ensure the safety of your data and systems. Whether you are a small company with a single application or a large company with mission critical infrastructure, Redbot Security and our expert team will prioritize your goals, offering industry leading customer experience, testing, proof of concept reporting and knowledge transfer / sharing.

At the core, we identify and provide guidance to re-mediate threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Our customers quickly gain insight into potential threats and with Redbot Security’s Penetration Testing Services, they are able to improve their network security posture, remain in compliance and grow their business with confidence.

Proof of Concept Reporting


Attack Narrative

Complete proof of concept that outlines testing steps

Knowledge Sharing

We'll show you the exact paths we took to access your data.

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Detailed hacking

Screenshots, detailed write ups, and most importantly how to fix things.

Its all in the details

Details matter, even the small ones. We will ensure you have all the details.

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Industry-leading frameworks and senior-level talent 

Manual Pen Testing

Our team tests against multiple leading frameworks including NIST, OWASP, MITRE ATT&CK and more.

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deliver on their promises and work hard towards making you aware of any potential threats
your service IS GREAT and you guys yourselves are GREAT people!
Incredible team, very talented and communicative!
The pen-test was thorough and well-documented!
a stellar company to work with!
The report provided was detailed!
I would rate them A++ or a 5!
Highly Recommended!
stellar report!
Ultra Reliable!
Extremely professional!
Easy to work with!
Deliver on their promises!
Reasonable price!
They’re simply the best!
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