Endpoint Protection and Response vs Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response

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LogMeIn just released findings of a new global report revealing current market trends and business threats. The global survey, which polled 1,000 IT professionals across North America and Europe found that while 88 percent of IT respondents acknowledge the importance of endpoint management, nearly one third don’t know how many endpoints they manage.

IT teams are faced with multiple security risks, but still don’t focus on proactive measures.

According to the report, 58 percent of IT professionals consider malware as their top security concern, followed by ransomware at 48 percent, while 40 percent rank cloud security breaches as a top concern. Despite this, only 52 percent of IT professionals take measures to proactively address security concerns before a breach occurs.

Lack of endpoint management leaves significant holes in a security strategy.

Shockingly, 30 percent of IT professionals do not know how many endpoint devices exist within their organization. Those who do report an average of 750 endpoints including servers, employee computers and mobile devices. Though 71 percent of IT professionals claim they are actively addressing security on hardware, 44 percent are not actively addressing security on software and 52 percent are not addressing it on mobile devices.

Only 52% of IT professionals are proactive in addressing security concerns before a breach happens.


Sophisticated malware will bypass traditional off the shelf antivirus solutions, so it’s critical to take a wider approach to protect your endpoints. This means real-time monitoring, detection and advanced threat analysis combined with managed response. The right Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) solution can strengthen your network security posture but without the right management, it could end up to be an expensive paper weight,  collecting dust.

If your company has already deployed or is thinking about EDR, you might be facing or struggling with the same issues found when deploying Security Information Event Management (SIEM).  These issues evolve mostly around management and include costs for securing and employing qualified security staff, dealing with alert fatigue due to false positives and noise.  With an un-tuned SIEM and limited staff to respond to threats, you basically are at the same risk level of having a data breach while wasting a whole bunch of time and effort.  EDR solutions are on the rise so it makes sense that Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers are coming forward to address the management issues of these systems.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is provided as a service, similar to managed security service providers (MSSP’s), but with a greater focus on detecting, investigating, and helping to respond and remediate security events – independent of events that affect endpoints or perimeter devices.

When seeking out a next-gen Managed Security Services Provider, look for one who can guarantee the following service attributes:

  • Primary Focus on detecting advanced or targeted attacks
  • 24×7  Security Management and monitoring with endpoint security
  • The ability to correlate endpoint data with other data sources
  • Streamline monitoring, alerting, search and reporting
  • Cloud Resource Monitoring
  • Use of threat intelligence and advanced analytics- unlimited data collection
  • Dedicated Security Engineer and Team
  • Response Services / Remediation/ containment recommendations and advanced persistent threat hunting

Yes you can have both EDR and MDR.

Your company may already have an  EDR solution,  but like most, you are probably struggling to maintain security staff,  or spending all your time chasing false positives. The right MDR provider can leverage your existing investment / tools and immediately upgrade your security staff and efforts.

Benefits of Redbot iSOC MDR

  • Affordable Simple Pricing
  • Dedicated Senior Level Engineer

With a dedicated account engineer your company will have a 24/7/365 security expert at your fingertips monitoring and responding to anything that sets off alarms and red flags on your network.

  • Redbot Security’s Engineers become your single point of contact for your account
  • Can be implemented as an extension to your IT Team
  • Provides actionable remediation recommendations
  • Routine and Non-Routine task to improve security posture
  • Each engineer is backed by a team of security experts internal to Redbot Security
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed detection and response is a service that allows organizations better understand their security threat landscape in order to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. This is real time 24/7 monitoring, Including Cloud Sensor Monitoring for AZURE, AWS, Office 365, GSuite, Box and more!

  • Comprehensive Log Collection and Compliance

Log management is a crucial component for compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley. This typically is a full-time job since the work is tedious and time consuming. We do all the heavy lifting for you!

  • Monitoring user behavior
  • Collecting, aggregating and classifying compliance related data
  • Regularly assessing vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing data and providing necessary reports
  • Reducing time and costs of audit preparation


  • People, process and technology to manage cyber risk

  • Real-time Threat Detection and Response.  Analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and vulnerability scans

  • A dedicated security engineer (DSE) and security team

  • Simple and predictable pricing

  • Superior incident response capabilities

In effect, you significantly scale back your cybersecurity budget while improving the value of your threat detection and response strategy.  Learn More About Redbot iSOC MDR or Contact us for a free consultation / quote.

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Endpoint Protection and Response vs Managed Detection and Response
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Endpoint Protection and Response vs Managed Detection and Response
EDR solutions are on the rise so it makes sense that Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers are coming forward to address the management issue.
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