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Redbot Security tests 100s of applications yearly and our sophisticated hacking methods are the most advanced in the industry. We test against multiple frameworks, beyond the standard OWASP methodologies and our experience and knowledge base enables us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive, proof of concept reporting. Remediation testing is included at no additional cost.

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Application Penetration Testing

While there are common attacks against all web apps, such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) or SQL Injection (SQLi), there are potential attack vectors that are specific to every web application. Redbot Security closely aligned testing to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing guidelines, NIST security controls, and other testing frameworks to provide compressive penetration testing. Checklists for penetration testing of webapps and APIs are available upon request.

Exploitation – Vulnerabilities exist in many formats and states. Exploitation is the process of leveraging an action or payload against an identified vulnerability to determine the overall risk of a malicious actor gaining access to the service or underlying operating system and the potential loss that may occur.

View the following article which is a discussion exploring JavaScript Web Tokens, how developers generate JWT signing keys, and how they create, verify, and terminate sessions.

Custom Scoping

Our expert team takes pride in developing the right scope for your project.

Timeline Delivery

Our service delivery is designed to exceed expectations, to ensure you meet your deadlines.

Proof of Concept

Complete Proof of Concept to show manual testing efforts with detailed storyboard of findings

Sr. Level Support

Our primary goal is to ensure that your network is secure. We go the extra mile, are engaged, and continuously strive to be your ongoing security partner.

Case Study

  • Health Care Client
  • Scoped as a small application 
  • Original Testing Timebox was 3 days 
  • Due to multiple findings, Redbot Security provided additional 7 days of testing at no additional cost to the client
  • 10 major findings
View Application Case Study
Application Security

Did you Know?

What is an SQL Injection?

A SQL injection is an attack that allows a user’s input to modify a SQL query used to pull data from the database. A successful SQL injection attack allows an attacker to insert, update, or delete data from a database, it also allows an attacker to download the contents of the affected database. In a misconfigured environment, it may be possible for an attacker to read files from the file system or even execute operating system commands.

Additional Services

IT Network Penetration Testing

Redbot Security provides true manual penetration testing services that will simulate real-world attacks against your networks. Both External and Internal Network Testing can be performed from a remote perspective.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless Network Penetration Testing is a proactive step your company can take to ensure the security of your wireless networks. Redbot Security provides the industry’s most comprehensive onsite wireless security testing.

Red Team

Our Red Team Security Exercise is designed as real-world simulated attacks focusing on your Company’s ability to identify, track, disconnect, and clean up a potential or actualized breach by a malicious actor.

OT Network (ICS/SCADA) Testing

Redbot Security provides an outside-in approach to offer a holistic testing for ICS/SCADA and recommendation methodology that aligns to the defined scope and expectational needs of the Company.

Social Engineering

Redbot Security mimics a malicious entity with the intent on gaining access to internal networks, system, documents, and proprietary information through Physical and Electronic Tactics

Cloud Security

Redbot Security’s Cloud Security Review focuses on private and public architecture, policies, and permissions in production and development cloud environments for: •Amazon Web Services (AWS) •Google Cloud Platform (GCP) •Microsoft Azure (Azure)

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