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A Safer, More Secure World is coming soon.

Cymbiotic™ intends on revolutionizing cybersecurity management as a scalable multi-tenant console; enabling companies to have much greater security insight by unifying critical controls across any organization, ultimately moving industry to a safer, more secure world.

Cymbiotic is a revolutionary, scalable platform providing unparalleled security management: on-demand testing, secure reporting, and remediation tracking, while also acting as an advanced attack surface management platform ... for every network.

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Security Team management

Unify internal security teams with scheduling, performance metrics, team utilization and internal document sharing

On-Demand Testing

Single Click Rapid VM Deployment for internal network testing. Schedule tests on your timeline

Attack Surface management

Advanced Internal and External ASM. Scalable Modules include SCADA, IT Networks and Wireless with Rogue Access Point Detection and Alerts

Remediation Tracking

Ability to track items and sort remediation for assigned team access and instant visibility.

Multi-Tenant Client management

Manage Client Testing and Attack Surface from Cymbiotic's Multi-Tenant Console with built-in (RBAC) Role Based Access Control

Secure Portal Report Delivery

Rapid Secure Report Delivery with role-based access control.


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Can you support cloud infrastructures and hybrid connectivity?

You bet! Cymbiotic will seamlessly tie into traditional networks and hybrid cloud-based solutions. Cymbiotic will integrate with external, internal, and wireless networks for IT and OT networks. For those that have a hybrid architecture with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, Cymbiotic will also deploy, map, and test within and from these environments. Our development team intends to expand to other cloud architectures in the future.

Can we get a preview before the launch?

At the moment, the unfortunate answer is, no. However, our developers are hard at work, highly caffeinated, and will regularly post updates as we approach the product launch. We are selecting a group of companies to check it out during pre-launch phase.  You can sign-up here for direct email so you can catch all of the action.

The Cymbiotic platform provides unparalleled security with the ability to manage and control security with team and client management, on demand testing, secure reporting, remediation tracking, while also acting as an advanced attack surface management platform … for every network

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