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Redbot Security [DFIR] Digital Forensics Incident Response

 Redbot Security provides quick and thorough containment and remediation assistance for impacted systems and processes. Our team has the experience to get you back on track.
Redbot Security’s cybersecurity forensic experts utilizes advanced techniques and technologies to identify and mitigate threats, helping  your business quickly regain control of business-critical systems and data.
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Forensic Project Management

Trusted Solutions – Leaders in the Industry


Our  team experience spans over three decades leading the way for Government, Military, Enterprise and SMB


We are your trusted first-line of defense against cyber attacks and will  save your firm valuable time and money, providing reliability of your digital evidence


Redbot’s team of experts identify critical data and provide proper storage and handling of evidence, recovery of sensitive data, and lead the coordination of your investigation
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Expert Forensics – Immediate Results

Security is our Passion and helping you Recover is Certain

From Legacy to Next Gen

Redbot Security is changing the landscape from legacy to next-generation.  Our team of digital forensic experts are leading the way, identifying and eliminating threats.  We’ll Assess, Advise, Integrate and Manage, helping your company recover from a cyber incident, providing results immediately and throughout the life-cycle of the incident – getting your company back on track, quickly.

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Our digital forensic capabilities include:

  • First Responder

  • Forensic Collection and Preservation

  • Forensic Project Management

  • Post Incident Remediation and Recovery

  • Expert Witness in a Court of Law

  • Managed Solutions that Protect and Defend

  • Litigation Support

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Top Rated Network Security Assessment

Top Rated Network Security Assessment Cybersecurity: Security Assessment / Audits The United States is seeing a dramatic increase in cyber threats. Most recently Walmart, Orbitz, the City of Atlanta, CDOT, various Healthcare facilities and many more have fallen victim to cyber attacks. To do business in the modern age, businesses must be connected and the speeds at which data is transferred and networks communicate have pushed limits; however, cyber security and data protection have not kept pace. This is mainly due

The Importance of Cyber Readiness for Franchise Businesses

The Importance of Cyber Readiness for Franchise Businesses Is your Franchise about to make headline news? Author: Josh Reid Many years ago, when I was just transitioning out of the military I started working for a large franchise organization within the fast food industry. The objective from a project management standpoint was to renovate the complete technology infrastructure of a restaurant in under 12 hours. When I say complete, I really do mean everything from cables, network jacks, point of sale

Redbot Technologies SIEM as a Service

SIEM. What is security information and event management (SIEM)- as a service? Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach to cybersecurity management that provides an all-inclusive view of a company’s network security. The acronym SIEM is pronounced “sim” with a silent e.   A SIEM system acts as a single aggregation point and log management tool for various devices in your IT environment. The information is gathered, correlated and analyzed by an individual or team to help determine if a security event is taking

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Assessments As more organizations become aware of the need for cyber security, the amount of confusion over what products and services are needed increases. The confusion comes about for many reasons that we will not get into with this article, although in this article we hope to bring about some insight that will point an organization in the right direction. What is the difference between vulnerability assessments and penetration testing? This is a

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We have the solutions to create awareness, improve your security posture and manage ongoing threat detection.  Protecting and Defending your Network and Data

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