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Redbot Security [DFIR] Digital Forensics Incident Response

 Redbot Security provides quick and thorough containment and remediation assistance for impacted systems and processes. Our team has the experience to get you back on track.
Redbot Security’s cybersecurity forensic experts utilizes advanced techniques and technologies to identify and mitigate threats, helping  your business quickly regain control of business-critical systems and data.
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Forensic Project Management

Trusted Solutions – Leaders in the Industry


Our  team experience spans over three decades leading the way for Government, Military, Enterprise and SMB


We are your trusted first-line of defense against cyber attacks and will  save your firm valuable time and money, providing reliability of your digital evidence


Redbot’s team of experts identify critical data and provide proper storage and handling of evidence, recovery of sensitive data, and lead the coordination of your investigation
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Expert Forensics – Immediate Results

Security is our Passion and helping you Recover is Certain

From Legacy to Next Gen

Redbot Security is changing the landscape from legacy to next-generation.  Our team of digital forensic experts are leading the way, identifying and eliminating threats.  We’ll Assess, Advise, Integrate and Manage, helping your company recover from a cyber incident, providing results immediately and throughout the life-cycle of the incident – getting your company back on track, quickly.

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Our digital forensic capabilities include:

  • First Responder

  • Forensic Collection and Preservation

  • Forensic Project Management

  • Post Incident Remediation and Recovery

  • Expert Witness in a Court of Law

  • Managed Solutions that Protect and Defend

  • Litigation Support

Latest Cyber Threats and Industry News

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Network Security Tools- Penetration Testing

Network Security Tools - Penetration Testing.  Is it time to attack yourself? Protecting your network and data 24/7 is a big challenge. Despite your best efforts and multi-layered security, it’s difficult to know whether you have addressed every potential vulnerability. Penetration testing with Redbot lets you find the weaknesses in your systems before a bad actor does. Redbot provides industry leading Penetration Testing for Web Service, Web Applications, External Network, Internal Network, Mobile, Wireless and Social Engineering. With a combination of manual and

Its too easy- Hackers Target SMBs

Cybersecurity Awareness: Opting out is not the best choice. Choosing to put blinders on is a decision that many business owners make when confronted with a situation that doesn’t fit into the comfort zone. Cybersecurity is a top contender for not fitting that zone.  As the blinders increase in size, so do the security gaps and holes, enabling cybercrime opportunities to squeeze right in, undetected. It makes sense that when a business is operating without any obvious network or computer issues, the leadership team is

Is Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Dead? Yes, yes it is.

Is Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Dead? Yes,  yes it is. The Noise Security information and event management known as SIEM provides network administrators security logs that are necessary for detecting and responding to cyber threats in real-time.  Administrators in charge of a SIEM typically have to respond to hundreds if not thousands of security events and alerts on a daily basis.  SIEMs are traditionally difficult to configure and require ongoing tuning to limit the noise and eliminate false positives. Even

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We have the solutions to create awareness, improve your security posture and manage ongoing threat detection.  Protecting and Defending your Network and Data

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