Expert ICS/SCADA Penetration Testing Services

ICS/SCADA Security Development, Architecture and Assessment

Secure your mission critical network and devices from advanced cyber attacks and minimize critical service disruptions. Redbot Security provides controlled penetration testing performed by Senior Level, expert ICS/SCADA engineers. We specialize in manual exploitation of  ICS/SCADA Networks and we provide the industry’s best customer experience, scoping and timely service delivery.

Sophisticated cyber terrorists and Nation-State actors are working around the clock to disrupt your service.  The risk of an attack on your systems is increasing.  Redbot Security has a proven track record and can quickly help to secure your industrial control systems.

In addition to industry leading penetration testing services , Redbot Security provides full service ICS/SCADA  Security Program Development and Deployment, ICS/SCADA Network Architecture, ICS Security Controls.

Redbot Security is the leader, providing:

  • Highly Competitive ICS/SCADA Testing Pricing Model 

  • Detailed ICS/SCADA scoping and full-time project management

  • Detailed ICS/SCADA Test Reporting- Executive and Technical

  • Manual attack methods (real-world) from controlled ICS/SCADA test/production environment

  • Providing real evidence to support your next action plan

  • Easy to follow attack paths with Proof of Concept (exploit storyboard)

  • Ranked vulnerabilities with step-by-step remediation recommendations 

Our clients include: National Transportation, Water, Industrial/Manufacturing Power Plants and more.

I absolutely recommend Redbot Security. Phenomenal service. Accuracy and getting the job done in the timely fashion is very important to my organization. Truly impressed by their professionalism and appreciated their suggestions and directions. Looking forward to continue working with them. Redbot Security rocks….

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Why is it critical to Pen-Test Industrial Control Systems?

ICS networks are mission critical, requiring immediate availability.

Industrial control systems (ICS), including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

ICS are found in many industries such as electric, water and wastewater, transportation, oil and natural gas, chemical, pharmaceutical,  and manufacturing (e.g., automotive, aerospace, etc). Because there are many different types of ICS with varying levels of potential risk and impact, there are many different methods and techniques for securing ICS, one of the most important method is Penetration Testing.

Consequences of an ICS incident/breach:

*  Impact on national security—facilitate an act of terrorism.
*  Reduction or loss of production at one site or multiple sites simultaneously.
*  Injury or death of employees.
*  Injury or death of persons in the community.
*  Damage to equipment.
*  Release, diversion, or theft of hazardous materials.
*  Environmental damage.
*  Violation of regulatory requirements.
*  Product contamination.
*  Criminal or civil legal liabilities.
*  Loss of proprietary or confidential information.
*  Loss of brand image or customer confidence.

Did you know?

according to the 2019 CyberX Global ICS IIoT Risk Report

84% of industrial sites have at least one remotely accessible device
69% of industrial sites have plain-text passwords traversing their ICS networks
53% of industrial sites have obsolete Windows systems such as Windows XP
40% of industrial sites have at least one direct connection to the internet

The security controls that fall within the NIST SP 800-53 Risk Assessment (RA) family provide policy and procedures to develop, distribute, and maintain a documented risk assessment policy that describes purpose, scope, roles, responsibilities, and compliance as well as policy implementation procedures. An information system and associated data is categorized based on the security objectives and a range of risk levels. A risk assessment is performed to identify risks and the magnitude of harm that could result from the unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction of an information system and data. Also included in these controls are mechanisms for keeping risk assessments up-to-date and performing periodic testing and vulnerability assessments.

 The operational and risk differences between ICS and IT systems create the need for
increased sophistication in applying cyber security and operational strategies.

Testing is useless unless it achieves actionable results. With Redbot you get reports written by experts that highlight key data and exactly how targets were compromised as well as recommendations on best practices along with complete review of remediation recommendations

Redbot Security is a complete service provided by our team of ICS/SCADA experts to ensure that vulnerabilities are minimized and that your defenses are running in top shape by offering the following:

  • ICS/SCADA Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing (black-box, gray-box, white-box)
  • Real-World Attacker Tactics and Techniques- Controlled Manual Penetration Testing without Interruption
  • Actionable and easy-to-follow results – Risk Rating, Exploit Storyboard and Remediation Recommendations
  • Security Program Development and Deployment
  • ICS/SCADA Network Architecture
  • ICS Security Controls

Scoping Process:


Scoping Questionnaires, Demos | Recommendation and alignment


Budget Limitations, Client Expectations| Statement of Work Delivery


Scheduling Calls, Rules of Engagement, Meet the Team| Discuss final details


Daily/Weekend Updates | Notification of high risk findings

Next Step Exploit

Discuss Exploits and next steps | Key findings Report Creation


Executive Summary |  Detailed Engineering Report


Validate & Confirm Findings | Provide Recommendations


Retest vulnerabilities after remediation.

Threats to control systems can come from numerous sources, including adversarial sources such as hostile governments, terrorist groups, industrial spies, disgruntled employees, malicious intruders, and natural sources such as from system complexities, human errors and accidents, equipment failures and natural disasters. To protect against adversarial threats (as well as known natural threats), it is necessary to create a defense-in-depth strategy for the ICS.

Source: Government Accountability Office (GAO), Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cybersecurity

Threat Agent


Attackers Attackers break into networks for the thrill of the challenge or for bragging rights in the attacker community. While remote cracking once required a fair amount of skill or computer knowledge, attackers can now download attack scripts and protocols from the Internet and launch them against victim sites. Thus, while attack tools have become more sophisticated, they have also become easier to use.
Bot-network operators Bot-network operators are attackers; however, instead of breaking into systems for the challenge or bragging rights, they take over multiple systems to coordinate attacks and to distribute phishing schemes, spam, and malware attacks.
Criminal groups Criminal groups seek to attack systems for monetary gain. Specifically, organized crime groups are using spam, phishing, and spyware/malware to commit identity theft and online fraud. International corporate spies and organized crime organizations also pose a threat to the U.S. through their ability to conduct industrial espionage and large-scale monetary theft and to hire or develop attacker talent.
Foreign intelligence services Foreign intelligence services use cyber tools as part of their information gathering and espionage activities. In addition, several nations are aggressively working to develop information warfare doctrines, programs, and capabilities. Such capabilities enable a single entity to have a significant and serious impact by disrupting the supply, communications, and economic infrastructures that support military power – impacts that could affect the daily lives of U.S. citizens.
Insiders The disgruntled insider is a principal source of computer crime. Insiders may not need a great deal of knowledge about computer intrusions because their knowledge of a target system often allows them to gain unrestricted access to cause damage to the system or to steal system data. The insider threat also includes outsourcing vendors as well as employees who accidentally introduce malware into systems. Insiders may be employees, contractors, or business partners.
Phishers Phishers are individuals or small groups that execute phishing schemes in an attempt to steal identities or information for monetary gain. Phishers may also use spam and spyware/malware to accomplish their objectives.
Spammers Spammers are individuals or organizations that distribute unsolicited e-mail with hidden or false information to sell products, conduct phishing schemes, distribute spyware/malware, or attack organizations (e.g., DoS).
Spyware/malware authors Individuals or organizations with malicious intent carry out attacks against users by producing and distributing spyware and malware.
Terrorists Terrorists seek to destroy, incapacitate, or exploit critical infrastructures to threaten national security, cause mass casualties, weaken the U.S. economy, and damage public morale and confidence. Terrorists may use phishing schemes or spyware/malware to generate funds or gather sensitive information.  Terrorists may attack one target to divert attention or resources from other targets.
Industrial spies Industrial espionage seeks to acquire intellectual property and know-how by clandestine methods

Personnel within our team are Certified Incident Responders and Industrial Control System Certified – Incident Command System, FEMA, U.S Department of Homeland Security Cyber Emergency Response Team, OPSEC, Influence of Common IT Components ICS, Mapping IT Defense to ICS, Current Trends (threats) (vulnerabilities)– ICS, IT & ICS Attack Methodologies, ICS Domains, Determining the Impacts of a Cybersecurity Incident.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT), EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker C|EH, Certified Digital Forensic Examiner (CDFE) Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DCITA) DoD, Certified Digital Media Collector (CDMC) Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DCITA) DoD, Certified Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO) DoD.

Fortinet: Network Security Expert 3, Security+, Cisco CCNP, CCNA, CCDP, CCDA, Microsoft MCSE,  A+ CWNA CWDP Aruba ACMA/ACMP CompTIA Network + HPE Certified ASE, AIS, APS, HPUX SA. HPE Certified OneView Specialist HPE Master ASE – Storage V2 HPE AIS – Proliant Servers HP APS – Desktops and Laptops Nimble NTSP Brocade Accredited Data Center Brocade Accredited Ethernet Fabric Specialist Brocade Accredited Ethernet Fabric Support Brocade Accredited FCoE Specialist Brocade Accredited Internet working Brocade Accredited Physical Security Specialist Brocade Accredited Server Connectivity Specialist Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Engineer Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator Gen 5 Brocade Certified Fabric Designer Brocade Certified Fabric Professional Brocade Certified Network Professional Brocade Certified Professional  Converged Networking Artec Certified  EMA Professional EMC Proven Professional. EMC Technical Architect VNX EMC Technical rchitect Backup, Recovery and Archiving Novell Master CNE. A+ Certified., Server+ Certified.HP Accredited Technical Professional  FlexNetwork V3 Palo Alto: PSE-Foundation Palo Alto: PSE-Platform Associate Red Hat Sales Engineer Specialist-Platform Red Hat Delivery Specialist-Platform Red Hat Delivery Specialist- Ceph Storage VMware Certified Red Hat Sales Specialized Data Center Infrastructure Accreditation CompTIA Server+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA A+ MTA Security MTA Server MTA  Networking MTA Mobility & Device HPE Sales Certified – Aruba Products and Solutions, Rubrik Certified

Customer Centric Engineering Company
a customer first approach

Redbot Security is a Full Service Penetration Testing Services Provider and can customize any scope to meet your timeline and budget.

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA
Market: SMB to Enterprise / Government

Core Services: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Testing (PCI, HIPPA), Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audits, Web Application, Network Testing, SCADA ICS, IoT, and wirelesss penetration testing

Products: Controlled Penetration Testing, Security and Compliance Assessments, Managed Threat Detection and Response


  • 30 years of experience in information technology consulting and cybersecurity
  • Sr. Level Engineering with advanced Security Engineering Certifications assigned to each project
  • Recognized as industry top choice for USA based controlled Pen-testing.

Redbot Security is an expert provider of vendor neutral information and data security assessments as well as advisory services for Fortune 500 clients. The Redbot Security difference is our ability to deliver detailed insight into quantifiable risk. Redbot Security understands that information security comes from the proper mix of people, process and technology and must be tailored to each specific customer.

Senior Level Personnel within Redbot Security’s combined Penetration Testing Team certifications:

Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner, CompTIA A+ CISSP, Certified Cloudera Administrator for Hadoop (CCAH), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), GIAC CompTIA Linux+, Marine Corp Red Team Operator, Metasploit Professional, Certified Specialist Nexpose, Certified Administrator (NCA,) Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), CompTIA Network+, CompTIA IT, Operations Specialist (CIOS), CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN), Metasploit Professional, Certified Specialist Rapid7, Advanced Vulnerability Manager Rapid7, Network Assault Certified Rapid7, Application Assault Certified, GIAC Exploit Researcher, Advanced Penetration Tester (GXPN), GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB), GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics (GASF), GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM), GIAC Network Forensics Analyst (GNFA), GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCFA), GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE), GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC), Portswigger Burpsuite Certified Practitioner, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Associate-wireless, CompTIA Network+, US Navy Joint Cyber Analyst Course (JCAC)

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