Complete Network Security for Small Business

Network Security for Small Business

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Many small businesses grow rapidly and have to adhere to the same best practices that larger companies deploy to protect their data and networks.  Setting up a network and getting a firewall in place is pretty simple, but how do small businesses deal with the constant cyber threats on a daily basis?

The fact is , most don’t deal with it until the threat becomes a breach and then all hell breaks loose.

Why Cyber Criminals Target Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Cyber criminals love to target Small to Mid-Sized Firms because logic dictates that the small business will not have the budget in place to deploy Security Engineers and a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) System. Many small companies tend to rely on inadequate protection, set it and forget mentality, virus software and consumer grade firewalls, and even more believe that their local tech support is managing threats from their pocket desk.  Small business hacking ROI for cyber criminals is very high, especially when targeting law firms, financial institutions and healthcare.  The cyber criminals can sniff around finding high value assets, connect to enterprise accounts and go for the gold.

In 2017, cyber attacks cost small and medium-sized businesses an average of $2,235,000

Ponemon Institute

You’re on the radar

In today’s modern world of cyber threats, small companies are either looking for the easy button with cost effective ways to ramp up security, or they are just putting blinders on hoping no one notices them.  Well the latter is the worst option since everyone notices them and with sophisticated hacker tools on the rise, a simple scan, hacktivist forums, disgruntled employees and just driving by a company, there is really no way for a company to fly under the radar.

Companies that are proactive are fortunate since managed security has matured quite rapidly over the last year or two.  Small businesses that are seeking an improved security posture can actually achieve the same top level enterprise protection if not better than many of the larger companies.  They just have to know where to look.

The Disconnect

And maybe that is the disconnect… Not knowing where to look for the right services, Googling “network security” brings up a variety of confusing acronyms, and service solutions geared for enterprise. Complacency plays a big part as well, and it could just be that most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the time to deal with cyber threats… priorities are focused elsewhere.

The bottom line is that if you are a small business with sensitive data and a network of employees, partners and devices, you’ll need to start prioritizing cybersecurity ASAP.  Time to focus.

60% of small businesses say attacks are becoming more severe and more sophisticated.

Ponemon Institute

The Easiest Button

Welcome 2018, the new age of how to manage cyber threats. Unfortunately you can’t call in a Jedi to wipe out the bad guys,  but you now have A Security Operation Center -Acronym (SOC) ,  a fully managed threat detection and response center at your fingertips.   Yes,  your vision of NORAD, NASA and even the 1980s movie Wargames is pretty close.  A SOC provides an additional layer of managing traffic on your network, detecting malicious activity and responding to threats (ie blocking, removing, shutting down a device etc).  A Security Operation Center was once reserved for larger enterprise, government and companies with big budgets. Today,  small business network can be protected with the same level of threat detection and response.

SOC-as-a-Service model has proven to be an extremely cost-efficient and effective tool for enhancing overall security posture. With SOC-as-a-Service, you maintain all the benefits of your current IT team whether in-house or outsourced. However, the additional layer of security is managed in a true Security Operation Center, giving an organization’s IT staff the ability to do the following:

  1. Trace the entire lifecycle of a threat.
  2. Have transparency into their own networks.
  3. Manage compliance effectively.
  4. Accurately gauge ROI of the service.

Benefits of Redbot iSOC MDR

  • Affordable Simple Pricing
  • Dedicated Senior Level Engineer

With a dedicated account engineer your company will have a 24/7/365 security expert at your fingertips monitoring and responding to anything that sets off alarms and red flags on your network.

  • Redbot Security’s Engineers become your single point of contact for your account
  • Can be implemented as an extension to your IT Team
  • Provides actionable remediation recommendations
  • Routine and Non-Routine task to improve security posture
  • Each engineer is backed by a team of security experts internal to Redbot Security
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed detection and response is a service that allows organizations better understand their security threat landscape in order to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. This is real time 24/7 monitoring, Including Cloud Sensor Monitoring for AZURE, AWS, Office 365, GSuite, Box and more!

  • Comprehensive Log Collection and Compliance

Log management is a crucial component for compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley. This typically is a full-time job since the work is tedious and time consuming. We do all the heavy lifting for you!

  • Monitoring user behavior
  • Collecting, aggregating and classifying compliance related data
  • Regularly assessing vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing data and providing necessary reports
  • Reducing time and costs of audit preparation


  • A fully managed security operations center

  • People, process and technology to manage cyber risk

  • Real-time Threat Detection and Response.  Analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and vulnerability scans

  • A dedicated security engineer (DSE) and security team

  • Simple and predictable pricing

  • Superior incident response capabilities

In effect, you significantly scale back your cybersecurity budget while improving the value of your threat detection and response strategy.  Learn More About Redbot iSOC MDR or Contact us for a free consultation / quote.

About Redbot Technologies

Redbot Technologies provides a full suite of best in class data security services and solutions,  setting a new standard in cyber security strategies.  We identify and re-mediate threats, risks and vulnerabilities, helping our customers deploy and manage leading edge technology that protects and defends.

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Complete Network Security for Small Business.  It's Not as Far-fetched as You Might Think.
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Complete Network Security for Small Business.  It's Not as Far-fetched as You Might Think.
Many small businesses grow rapidly and have to adhere to the same best practices that larger companies deploy to protect their data and networks. Setting up a network and getting a firewall in place is pretty simple, but how do small businesses deal with the constant cyber threats on a daily basis.
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