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  • The bottom line is that if you are a small business with sensitive data and a network of employees, partners and devices, you’ll need to start prioritizing cybersecurity. Time to focus.

Complete Network Security for Small Business.  It’s Not as Far-fetched as You Might Think.

Complete Network Security for Small Business.  It's Not as Far-fetched as You Might Think. Many small businesses grow rapidly and have to adhere to the same best practices that larger companies deploy to protect their data and networks.  Setting up a network and getting a firewall in place is pretty simple, but how do small businesses deal with the constant cyber threats on a daily basis. The fact is , most don’t deal with it until the threat becomes a breach and then all hell breaks loose. Why Cyber Criminals Target Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Cyber criminals love to target Small to Mid-Sized Firms

  • SIEM is Dead

Is Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Dead? Yes, yes it is.

Is Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Dead? Yes,  yes it is. The Noise Security information and event management known as SIEM provides network administrators security logs that are necessary for detecting and responding to cyber threats in real-time.  Administrators in charge of a SIEM typically have to respond to hundreds if not thousands of security events and alerts on a daily basis.  SIEMs are traditionally difficult to configure and require ongoing tuning to limit the noise and eliminate false positives. Even in an Enterprise landscape resources for SIEM management are inadequate and proper SIEM management falls short, severly affecting a company’s security posture.

  • Security assessments and managed cyber security

Its too easy- Hackers Target SMBs

Cybersecurity Awareness: Opting out is not the best choice. Choosing to put blinders on is a decision that many business owners make when confronted with a situation that doesn’t fit into the comfort zone. Cybersecurity is a top contender for not fitting that zone.  As the blinders increase in size, so do the security gaps and holes, enabling cybercrime opportunities to squeeze right in, undetected. It makes sense that when a business is operating without any obvious network or computer issues, the leadership team is under the assumption that everything is fine. “We are all set, no worries here, wifi is working great.” The choice not

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