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Overcoming the Struggles of Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. With the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber threats, organizations are constantly striving to strengthen their security posture. Our nation is under attack and overwhelmed. Modern Security teams face numerous challenges in managing network and application security effectively. This article explores the common struggles that security teams face and highlights how Redbot Security’s new Cymbiotic Security Management Platform provides a comprehensive solution that is long overdue.

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Struggles of Security Teams

Lack of centralized management: Managing cybersecurity across multiple environments, including traditional networks, hybrid cloud, and external/internal networks, can be overwhelming. Security teams often struggle to get a consolidated view of their organization’s security posture, leading to potential vulnerabilities.

Limited testing capabilities: Traditional approaches to security testing can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Security teams face challenges in executing rapid and on-demand testing to identify vulnerabilities and address them promptly.

Inadequate attack surface management: With the expanding attack surface, including SCADA systems, IT networks, and wireless infrastructure, security teams find it challenging to keep track of potential vulnerabilities and detect rogue access points effectively.

Difficulty in tracking and managing remediation: Organizations often struggle with tracking and managing remediation efforts across their security teams. Without a streamlined process, critical issues may go unnoticed or take longer to resolve, leaving the organization exposed to risk.

The Solution: Redbot Security's Cymbiotic Security Management Platform


Redbot Security’s Cymbiotic Security Management Platform is designed to address the above challenges and revolutionize cybersecurity management.

Unified security management: Cymbiotic serves as a scalable, multi-tenant console that enables organizations to have greater security insight by unifying critical controls across the entire organization. It seamlessly integrates with traditional networks, hybrid cloud environments, and external/internal networks, providing a consolidated and holistic view of the security posture.

On-demand and rapid testing: Cymbiotic enables security teams to conduct rapid and on-demand testing with a single click. With its capability to deploy virtual machines for internal network testing and flexible scheduling options, security teams can proactively identify vulnerabilities and address them on their own timeline.

Advanced attack surface management: The platform offers advanced internal and external attack surface management modules. It includes specialized capabilities for SCADA systems, IT networks, and wireless infrastructure, empowering security teams to detect and address potential vulnerabilities, including rogue access points, effectively.

Streamlined remediation tracking: Cymbiotic provides a comprehensive remediation tracking system, allowing security teams to track items and sort remediation efforts. It offers assigned team access and instant visibility into the status of remediation tasks, ensuring timely resolution of critical issues.

Multi-tenant client management and secure reporting: The platform features a multi-tenant console with built-in role-based access control (RBAC) for managing client testing and attack surface. It ensures secure report delivery with role-based access control, enabling organizations to share insights and recommendations securely with relevant stakeholders.


Managing cybersecurity can be a daunting task for security teams, given the evolving threat landscape and complex technology environments. Redbot Security’s Cymbiotic Security Management Platform empowers organizations to overcome these struggles by providing a unified, on-demand, and comprehensive solution. With its advanced capabilities in attack surface management, rapid testing, and streamlined remediation tracking, Cymbiotic enables security teams to enhance their security posture and move towards a safer, more secure world.

To learn more about Redbot Security’s Cymbiotic Security Management Platform, please visit their website at

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Cymbiotic is a revolutionary, scalable platform providing unparalleled security management: on-demand testing, secure reporting, and remediation tracking, while also acting as an advanced attack surface management platform ... for every network.

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