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Redbot Security’s Penetration Testing Specialties


Remote Hacking


We perform manual controlled pen-testing – exploiting real world vulnerabilities for external and internal networks from a remote perspective.

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On-Site Testing

Industrial Controls

Industry Leading Controlled Testing with a proven track record of exploit for National Transportation, DoD, Industrial, Power Plants and Manufacturing.

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Remote Hacking

Application- Web-Mobile

Redbot Security tests over 100 applications (web and mobile) yearly.  Our reporting includes Client Facing Redacted Report and letter of attestation.

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On-Site Testing

Wireless Networks

Our wireless pen-test simulates real-world attempts gaining access through your wireless systems and includes foot-printing, exploit and remediation steps.

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Lab Testing | On-Site

IoT Device Testing

IoT devices expose many gaps that malicious actors can easily exploit.  Redbot Security Pen-Testing is one of the most effective ways to ensure your devices are secure.

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At Redbot Security

We continuously monitor the landscape, staying far ahead of the current threat matrix

One of the most powerful strategies a company of any size can implement is of course penetration testing. Penetration Testing or pen testing is a method of testing an organization’s data defense from a controlled ethical hacking environment. Redbot Security provides custom scoping and manual penetration service deliver based on your requirements and budget.  Our Penetration Testing is controlled and can focus on wireless, internal & external networks, web application, web service, ICS/SCADA (industrial controls)  and IoT Penetration Testing.
When evaluating companies that provide Penetration Testing, the first step is reach out and discuss potential scoping.  Redbot will provide a custom scope  and Statement of Work, based on your requirements and budget.  Our team is led by USA based- CISSP Senior Level Engineers with top level pen-testing and other critical certifications.
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Finding Vulnerabilities and Exploiting Weakness

Controlled Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing (pen-testing)

Redbot Security penetration testing is reviewed and analyzed by a team of Sr. Level Engineers that have worked in the space for over 30 years and have managed and restructured mission critical cyber defenses.  Our USA team is trusted by clients ranging from SMB, Enterprise, Government and Military and we have a global reach.

Personnel within our Penetration Testing project team are Certified Incident Responders and Industrial Control System Certified – Incident Command System, FEMA, U.S Department of Homeland Security Cyber Emergency Response Team, OPSEC, Influence of Common IT Components ICS, Mapping IT Defense to ICS, Current Trends (threats) (vulnerabilities)– ICS, IT & ICS Attack Methodologies, ICS Domains, Determining the Impacts of a Cybersecurity Incident. Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT), EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker C|EH, Certified Digital Forensic Examiner (CDFE) Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DCITA) DoD, Certified Digital Media Collector (CDMC) Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DCITA) DoD, Certified Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO) DoD. Penetration Certification, CISSP, Security+, CCNP, CCNA, CCDP, CCDA, MCSE, A+ CWNA CWDP and a variety of firewall and network solution Certifications.

Redbot Security’s Penetration Testing Team reviews and analyzes the exploits and vulnerabilities and is able to manage complete remediation after the penetration testing is complete.

When should your company perform a Penetration Test?

Perform Penetration Testing with the addition of new network infrastructure devices or applications- Upgrades, Modifications, Patches, Firewall Changes made to infrastructure and applications and when policy, compliance and regulation change.

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Redbot Security Penetration Testing

NetworkInternal/External Penetration Testing

ICS/SCADAIndustrial Controls Penetration Testing

Application Testing and Web Service Penetration Testing

IoT Device Penetration Testing

Wireless Networks Penetration Testing

Analyze Real World Threats and Risks

  • Identifying higher-risk vulnerabilities

  • Systems, services , application flaws, configurations, or end-user behavior

  • Testing the ability of network defenders

  • Real world attack scenarios in a controlled environment

  • Providing evidence to support action plan

  • Easy to follow attack paths with Proof of Concept – Redbot Security Storyboard.

  • Identified vulnerability with remediation recommendations

  • Find Holes Now Before Somebody Else Does

  • Discover Gaps In Compliance

  • How to select the Best Penetration Team for your project.  View article here 
  • Best practice penetration scoping process – View page here
  • Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Test – View post here
  • Penetration Testing Industrial Controls for National Security
  • Is your Application secure?
  • Internal Penetration Testing from a Remote Perspective

Testing the Ability of Network Defenders

Analyze Real World Threats and Risks

Penetration Testing Services

Redbot Security is a complete service provided by our team of experts to ensure that vulnerabilities are minimized and that your defenses are running in top shape by offering the following:

  • Red Team

  • Black-Box, Gray-Box, White-Box Penetration Testing

  • Software, Network Security & Compliance Assessments

  • Real World Attackers Tactics and Techniques

  • Actionable and easy-to-follow results

Data that’s useful!

Testing is useless unless it achieves actionable results. With Redbot you get reports written by experts that highlight key data and exactly how targets were compromised as well as recommendations on best practices along with complete review of remediation recommendations.

With Redbot it’s easy to assist security professionals with security decisions, evaluate and measure cyber risks, and meet compliance, all while providing an additional proof point of security.

“I absolutely recommend Redbot Security. Phenomenal service. Accuracy and getting the job done in the timely fashion is very important to my organization. Truly impressed by their professionalism and appreciated their suggestions and directions. Looking forward to continue working with them. Redbot Security Rocks!”
SaaS Company

“It has been a great pleasure working with Redbot Security and we are impressed with level of details, methods, reporting  and findings.  We would like to extend our contract for remediation efforts and we are confident that Redbot provides the level of expertise we need to ensure on-going best practice cyber strategies.”

National Transportation Company

“Highly Recommend. From initial contact to scope and report delivery, all top-notch. 3rd Pen-test company that we’ve used and they were by far the best.”

Manufacturing Company
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