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Offensive Security

What is Offensive Security? Discover Offensive Security and learn how Offensive Security can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture. Links to tools.

Offensive Security2023-09-28T20:39:37+00:00

What is Social Hacking?

Social hacking is an attack on the human operating system, which tries to exploit the vulnerabilities in the human OS mostly related to authority, trust, or fear. To help better understand how social hacking works, let's take its most common form the phishing email (scam email) and see how it works.

What is Social Hacking?2023-09-26T20:15:52+00:00

Manual Penetration Testing – Manual Testing vs Automated Testing

Manual Penetration Testing is essential for critical infrastructure. Scanning for vulnerabilities within ICS/SCADA networks without improper supervision can cause many systems to be overwhelmed and go offline. The potential consequences of disrupting critical systems is great.

Manual Penetration Testing – Manual Testing vs Automated Testing2023-08-08T14:43:36+00:00

Our Nation Under Attack

The basic necessities of life; water, power and transportation are threatened by lack of resources to protect the systems that provide our nation’s basic needs. Nation State Threat Actors are aggressively ramping up efforts to take our country down by targeting Industrial control systems and outdated SCADA systems.

Our Nation Under Attack2023-08-08T15:08:17+00:00

What is Penetration Testing (pen-testing)?

Penetration testing (pen-testing) is the art and science of identifying a company's security vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses using simulated real world hacker techniques. Learn more about penetration testing and how it's the perfect security measure to prevent cyber attacks.

What is Penetration Testing (pen-testing)?2023-08-29T04:44:06+00:00
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