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Who is the best Penetration Testing company
Cyber threats have increased dramatically over the last few years, and cyber criminals have easy access tools to breach organizations of any size. Smaller businesses are considered “low hanging fruit” to hackers, but as we’ve seen mid-sized and enterprise are not as equipped as they should be to handle the current threat landscape.One of the most powerful strategies a company of any size can implement is of course penetration testing. 
Penetration Testing or pen testing is a method of testing an organization’s data defense from a controlled ethical hacking environment.  Scope of the penetration test is defined and a penetrating testing company will attempt to hack into a company’s network to expose and exploit organization’s network weaknesses.With the rise of threats, many ‘would be cyber’ companies are jumping on the cyber security bandwagon, offering a variety of  solutions to the market place, often times ill equipped and lacking the proper experience to successfully manage the right cyber security solutions and proactive network security testing.  Perform a search for security assessment or penetration testing and you’ll find everyone from insurance adjusters to lawyers offering cyber security.  Though these type of companies may be good at what they do for other things, they are definitely not a good choice for penetration testing or in providing the proper network data management and protection.

Penetration Testing Companies

The top 5  list of Penetration Testing Companies is based on companies that offer true penetration testing (pen testing) with remediation planning, and does not include the variety of do-it-yourself penetration testing software.

1. Redbot Security Penetration Testing

Redbot Security has unique penetration skills that other companies simple do not have.  Redbot Security penetration testing team is ranked on the world’s ethical hacker list within the top 5 spots and have performed penetration testing work for companies ranging from fortune 100 fortune 500 to SMBs.  Redbot Security scope and detailed reporting is the cleanest and most comprehensive in the industry. Redbot also provides PCI DSS Attestation and PCI DSS Compliance services and can customize scope for any size project and budget.

In addition, Redbot Security penetration testing is reviewed and analyzed by a team of Sr. Level Engineers that have worked in the space for over 20 years and manage real world threat detection for many large enterprise companies, daily.  Redbot Securitys’ Penetration team has over 250 Top level certification  including Penetration Certification,  CISSP, Security+, CCNP, CCNA, CCDP, CCDA, MCSE,  A+ CWNA CWDP   and a variety of firewall and network solution Certifications. This team reviews and analyzes the exploits and vulnerabilities and is able to manage complete remediation after the penetration testing is complete and provides a free retest of remediated vulnerabilities.

Redbot Security also is able to deploy red-team security at a moments notice and can perform penetration testing across multiple systems, applications, IoT and wireless.  Free vulnerabilities tools, compliance control measurements for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, NIST, SOX, COBIT  and the industry’s leading comprehensive security assessments are available to compliment a complete and full security package.  Redbot’s Penetration testing process is clearly defined and each project deploys a senior level, fully certified USA based engineer. Project scoping is based on customer budget and constraints and can be customized for small to enterprise businesses. Redbot specializes in External, Internal, wireless, Web App and Web service Penetration testing. Contact Redbot Here.

Redbot has published an article on Tips for how to select the Best Penetration Team for your project.  View article here

Redbot has published best practice penetration scoping process – View page here

2. Core Security

Core Security offers a variety of open source tools, and threat detection platforms. They have been in the business for years and can handle international clients. Core also offer red team security and their have built much content around the subject with many whitepaper downloads available.

3. VeraCode

Veracode Manual Penetration Testing (MPT) complements Veracode’s automated scanning technologies with best-in-class penetration testing services to find business logic and other complex vulnerabilities in web, mobile, desktop, back-end and IoT applications. Using a proven process to ensure high customer satisfaction, Veracode MPT provides detailed results, including attack simulations, through the Veracode Application Security Platform, where both manual and automated testing results are assessed against your corporate policy. Developers can consult Veracode application security consultants on the findings and retest uncovered vulnerabilities to verify successful remediation.

4. Secureworks

Secureworks approaches every penetration test as unique to every organization. Our methodology is performed by the industry’s top security testers, leveraging our proprietary tactics and intelligence from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™. Both Penetration and Advanced Penetration Tests are designed to show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment by compromising in-scope systems and highlight pivoting opportunities from compromised hosts. Based on the findings, Secureworks will discuss the findings with all relevant audiences and provide a customized course of action for both leadership and technical audiences.

5. FireEye

FireEye cyber security products combat today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs). As an integral piece of an Adaptive Defense strategy, our state-of-the-art network security offerings protect against cyber attacks that bypass traditional signature-based tools such as antivirus software, next-generation firewalls, and sandbox tools. The company offers penetration testing through a 3rd party with additional support for remediation which has them make join our Top Penetration Testing Company list.

Think someone else should be on the list.  Let us know and we’ll review their offerings.

When should your organization perform a Penetration Test?

  • Perform Penetration Testing with the addition of new network infrastructure devices or applications
  • Upgrades, Modifications, Patches, Firewall Changes made to infrastructure and applications
  • When Policy, Compliance and regulation changes. its time to order a penetration test
  • New locations should be Pen-tested

Discover Gaps In Compliance

Using penetration testing as a means to identify gaps in compliance is a bit closer to auditing than true security engineering, but experienced penetration testers often breach a perimeter because someone did not get all the machines patched, or possibly because a non-compliant machine was put up “temporarily” and ended up becoming a critical resource. In today’s heavily regulated environment, many organizations are looking for better ways to continually assess their compliance posture. Most regulations have multiple components specifically related to system auditing and security

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Penetration Testing Companies – Top 5 USA Companies
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